Karma maybe.

I’m happy.


ive been annoyed ever since i was born

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i think my neighbourhood deserves a sitcom because there’s

  • me, the teen blogger
  • a house with 8 nuns
  • a drug dealer who drives a hummer
  • a scottish man who only ever wears a kilt and mows his lawn at 3 am
  • an elderly couple who drive everywhere on their lawn mower
  • a peacock who has been roaming the neighbourhood for years and no one knows why or where it came from 

I’d watch the shit outta that show

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share a coke with your own crippling sense of loneliness and inability to be mentally present in the real world

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"Do not ever compliment me by insulting other women. That is not a compliment, it is a competition none of us agreed to."

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"She’s the exclamation mark in the happiest sentence that I could ever possibly write."

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You know what I hate? When people get pissed off when you tell them you don’t want them to touch you. Like excuse me, I don’t actually want you to touch my arm. I don’t want a hug right now. I don’t give a shit if you’re family. I don’t care if the phrase “I don’t want to be touched” puts you off. Just don’t fucking touch me.

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